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Things to do downtown

Leesburg, Virginia is a Charming Town With So Much Christmas Spirit

Given its proximity to Washington, D.C., and a busy international airport like Dulles, you'd expect Leesburg to feel like a modern suburb on the verge of sprawl, but just the opposite is true. Locals and travelers enjoy an authentic small-town experience as they stroll cobbled sidewalks of the historic district or jostle down dirt roads to an area vineyard. And at Christmastime, the whole town gets into the holiday spirit. (Read More)


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Historic Leesburg: A Guide for Tasting, Architecture, and Charm

Historic Leesburg is a charming Southern destination mixing old with new and making for a unique travel experience outside of Washington, D.C.  Not only is Leesburg, Virginia located within the gorgeous agricultural setting of Loudoun County but it is also a destination rich with history, architecture, food and more.


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20 Best things to do in Leesburg, VA


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15 Best things to do in Leesburg